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1st Anniversary Phase 2 Discount Collection

Phase 2 of 1st Anniversary Campaign - Extra 40% off on below items for every $100 of purchase (before tax and shipping, and exclude all extra 40% off items) while supplies last:
  • 30MM Mission series (kits, option armor, customize effect)
  • Bandai Entry Nippers, GodHand PN-125 Nipper
  • AK Interactive Weathering Pencil (5pc Set)

To redeem 40% discount, simply add the item(s) into your cart along with your purchase. Use Coupon Code "HAPPYAG1ANSP2". The system will then be able to convert the item(s) to discounted price if the condition is met.

Customers cannot combine more than 1 order for 40% discount items redemption/calculation

Phase 2 campaign period: May 2 2021 to May 15 2021