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Five Star Stories Injection Assembly Mortar Headd Series (IMS) 1/100 KNIGHT OF GOLD A-T Type D2 Mirage

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by Volks
Original price $154.99 CAD - Original price $154.99 CAD
Original price $154.99 CAD
$154.99 CAD
$154.99 CAD - $154.99 CAD
Current price $154.99 CAD
The second Knight of Gold finally arrives at IMS!

What is the Knight of Gold A-T?
The Knight of Gold (K.O.G.), the insignia Mortar Headd of the A.K.D. led by Emperor Amaterasu, the god of light and protagonist of Five Star Stories, was lost along with Lachesis, and was rebuilt by Amaterasu for Lachesis' sister, Atropos as the second version of the K.O.G., the Knight of Gold A-T.

The new Imperial Knight rebuilt by Amaterasu
Distinctive differences between this model and the "K.O.G." model have been recreated, such as the head with radiating decorations resembling a crown, and the waist area with its skirt extended and buster unit removed. Adopting the new technology established in the semi-finished model "ABSOMEC (Absolute Mechanism)", the model is designed to be an easy-to-assemble and novel movable model.

Please enjoy the charm of the new Imperial Knight, which boasts an overwhelming presence even though it only makes a few sorties.