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[Pre-order, 2021.11 release, ETA 2021.12] Figure-rise Standard Kamen Rider FAIZ Axel Form

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This is a first-release and there may be a chance all pre-orders may not be fulfilled.  Should your order cannot be fulfilled on the first batch it will be fulfilled in the next batches when they are available.

Kamen Rider Faiz’s Axel Form is a temporary transformation form that allows Faiz to move at the speed of sound for roughly 10 seconds. His physical attacks are also boosted, and he is able to perform multiple Exceed Charges in quick succession. The silver parts of his Accelerator Form, including the photon streams that span the entire body, have been given an extra finish. The compound eyes of his Accelerator Form has different grooves than in normal form. Figure-rise Standard allows for a wide range of motion and dynamic posing. The hip joint parts allow you to recreate the Crimson Smash and other poses where the figure is hunched over. Each armament is included, including the Faiz Blaster and Faiz Edge, and the Axel Mission Memory is also included. The figure comes with full-color PKG that has been freshly drawn as well as a display base. Everything is made of PS, ABS, and PE. No glue is required for assembly.