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Argama Hobby Photo Day - First Chapter - 2021.09.25

Argama Hobby - Photo Day

Do you have a Gunpla or Plamo build that you are proud of, but lack the equipment or time or effort to take some nice pictures of them?  Then this is the event for you!

On September 25 1pm to 7pm, we will have a photographer on site to take photos of your favorite build the entire day at our mini studio!  Set the pose, get a studio shot, and show your build to your friends in a cool way!

Due to social distancing, store customers' limit, and limited resources, we are setting up slots of 20 minutes during the 6-hour event (thus roughly 18 spots available).  Please sign up at the below link to reserve your space and time!

Sign up link:


  1. This is a free event and no purchase is necessary (but we will be very happy if you do!)
  2. If you would like your kit to be posed with an action base, please the base along. :)
  3. We will leave the posing of the kit by you - as you would know best what pose you'd like your kit to have in the photos! Have a thought of 1 or 2 ideas before you come so that we can do the photoshoot efficiently!  Of course if you are not sure what pose to have we are always here to brainstorm!
  4. All photos will be edited and cleaned up via post-production. They will then be provided via Google Drive link so you will have full resolution photos available!

Looking forward to seeing you!