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Revision of Greater Toronto Area Shipping/Delivery - From June 1 2021

Revision of Greater Toronto Area Shipping/Delivery


Over the past 1.5 years we have tried our best to bring joy to our customers during hard times, timely and affordably. We traveled between 150km to 250km nearly everyday throughout Greater Toronto Area, from cities to suburbs, from condos to houses. We hope you are able to have the joy of toys and plastics you need, whenever you need it. :)

The city is opening up officially, and we are more free and safe to travel around once again. This is undoubtedly a good thing for all of us, but this also means an increase in cost and time for us to deliver the orders around the area.

After much consideration, our Greater Toronto Area delivery/shipping services will be revised on orders made after June 1, 2021. Details are as follows:


- Free shipping within Greater Toronto Area is available upon purchases of $100 (before tax)

- Between $30 - $100 we will charge $10 shipping fee

- Below $30 we will charge $15 shipping fee

*Orders made before June 1 2021 (including pre-orders and private warehouse) will follow previous rules.


North York - Our office at Dufferin/Steeles. Available for pick up 6 days a week.

Scarborough (NEW, available soon) - Located at Scarborough's Splendid China Mall (Kennedy/Steeles) - and no it's NOT a model/toy store. Available every Tuesday and Sunday. More details will be provided soon.

We encourage customers in the GTA to use our pick up services at our North York and Scarborough location going forward, or use our Private Warehouse service and accumulate the orders over $100 and we could deliver/ship them to you without charges.

Thank you once again! We will continue to source and provide great varieties of fun stuff at reasonable price. We look forward to your continuous support!