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[Pre-order, ETA 2021.10/2021.11] Premium Bandai High Grade (HG) HGUC 1/144 FF-X29A G-Parts [Hrududu]

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Premium Bandai adds the G-Parts HRUDUDU to its HGUC AOZ gunpla series! Opening doors to more Advance of Zeta gunpla variants. This kit includes parts of the G-Parts Hrududu and proper connectors for conversion builds.
The kit is an entirely new version of the older HRUDUDU add on kit that was released with the Dengeki Hobby magazine. This kit is molded in multi colored and various type of plastic materials that also provides detailing and quality to the unit. Some of its parts are also provided with light weight plastic to avoid weight issues when equipped with other older type AOZ model kits.

To be used with HGUC 1/144 Hazel Custom to make Hazel-Rah and Hazel-Rah Full Armor Form, etc... Can be used with other AOZ models for variation use and purposes.
*This is a pre-order item, please choose 'Private Warehouse" when asked for shipping method to avoid early billing of shipping fee. Shipping fee will be invoiced additionally, if applicable, when the item arrived and to be shipped.