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[Pre-order, ETA 2021.9/2021.10] Premium Bandai Real Grade (RG) 1/144 Expansion Effect Unit "Seraphim Feather" for RG Wing Gundam Zero EW

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Expansion effect unit "Seraphim Feather" is released, illustrating the scenes from the story Mobile Suit Gundam W Endless Waltz for RG Wing Gundam Zero EW!
This expansion set reproduce the images of the feather fluttering in air using a display that combines the 'Seraphim Feather' effect parts with "RG 1/144 Wing Gundam Zero EW" (sold separately).
Feather & Display Arm
  • 10 feathers with varying sizes and undulated shapes.
  • The image of the feathers fluttering in the story are reproduced using milky white colored molding.
  • Feather parts can be arranged to match the viewing angle to the shape of the bended arm.
  • *The connecting joint for the feather parts to the arm does not allow adjustment of height.
Action Base3
  • Includes a black smoke clear molded Action Base3 that can be set with a background illustration in the center.
  • Choose from two types of background illustrations !
  • The image illustration set within the Action Base has reversible specs. Choose from two types of designs.
Set Contents
  • RG Wing Gundam Zero EW Expansion Effect "Seraphim Featheer" x 10 (5 Types Left and Right)
  • Display Arm x 1 Set
  • Action Base3(Black Smoke Clear)x 1


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