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Argama Academy - Gunpla Workshop Level 1

Argama Academy - Gunpla Workshop Level 1

Learn to build, in-person guidance/lecture by professional/contest-winning builders!

Course Objective:
To equip student with proper fundamental technique to build Gunpla and taking your kit to another level with paint/effect customization through panel lining, weathering and coating using simple tools/materials.  At the end of the course, student will be able to fully complete 1 Bandai High Grade Gundam Kit (HG Gunpla) with proper seamline removal, panel lining and weathering effect.

Suitable For:
  1. Students who had no experience in building Gunpla and want to take the journey seriously, or
  2. Students who had some experience in straight-building but would like to refresh their skills via professional guidance, and interested in taking a step-further on detailing/personalizing their builds 
  3. Parents looking to engage and spend time with their children and foster a love for modeling

Duration of Course:

3 lessons.  1 lesson per week.  90 minutes per lesson.

Course Venue:

Argama Hobby Store - 855 Alness Street, Unit 6, North York ON, M3J 2X3

Course Date and Time:

Thursday (Mar 14 / Mar 21 / Mar 28) - 7:30pm to 9pm

Friday (Mar 15 / Mar 22 / Mar 29) - 7:30pm to 9pm

    Class Size: 

    Max 4 students per class.  Classes will only be held when at least 3 students signed up for the same slot.

    Tuition Fee:

    CAD$120 + tax, which includes all necessary materials for the course (and belongs to you!) such as:

    • 1 pc of Bandai HG Gunpla Model Kit (~$20 retail)
    • 1 pack of Bandai sanding sticks (Mini)
    • 1 pair of Bandai Entry Nipper
    • 1 can of Mr.Hobby Matte/Flat Water-based Top Coat (or equivalent)

    For further inquiries please contact or reach us at (416) 665-7228




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