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Argama Hobby Private Warehouse Service


Saw the kits you love and want to save on shipping cost?  Get hyped on our discount events or our great price during normal times but can't meet the free shipping threshold?  No problem!  Use our Private Warehouse function!

When you add this into your order, and then select "Private Warehouse" under shipping method during checkout, your goods will then be stored at your mini secret place and won't be shipped until it reaches 60 days.  

Ready to ship your goodies?  Simply send us an instruction here and we will handle that according to your instructions!

If you have pre-orders waiting and wanted to have the stuff to sit a little longer and to be shipped along when the pre-order arrives, we can accommodate that too!

This way - we save your backlog space a bit, and saving your shipping cost too!

Available for all customers - from Canada and US!