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GTA Shipping should be fixed! Please contact us if the GTA Shipping rates are not showing for your GTA shipping address.
GTA Shipping should be fixed! Please contact us if the GTA Shipping rates are not showing for your GTA shipping address.

Argama FAQs

All of the common questions about our services will be included here.  Updated periodically. :)

Orders and Shipping

Do you ship hobby paints to US?

No we don't.  Due to the hazardous nature of hobby paints normal shipping companies / courier will not ship them cross border. If we receive any hobby paints from our US customers we will automatically cancel that order.  A short email will be sent subsequently about the cancellation. We are very sorry for the inconvenience.

Do you ship internationally?

Although we mainly sell our products to customers in Canada and Continental US, we are also open to take international order and this will be determined on a case-by-case basis.  Simply send us an inquiry to on the items you'd like to order and we can discuss further. :)

Do you ship to PO Boxes?

Yes we do.  However, shipping charges / free shipping threshold may be different from non-PO Boxes address in the same area due to the much higher shipping charge.  If there are separate PO Box shipping rate we will explicitly mentioned in our Shipping Fee Policy. Please refer to the policy for more details. 

Private Warehouse

Is Private Warehouse = free shipping?

No.  Many customers have mistaken Private Warehouse is a free shipping option due to the constraints we face in building this service into the website.  However, when you pick your shipping method, we have marked a note next to the Private Warehouse option that this service is "temp storage, ship later, shipping fee will be determined during actual ship out ".

I have made a mistake in choosing Private Warehouse, I actually would like to have the item shipped, what should I do?

In your order confirmation email we will remind you once again to check your shipping methodology and ensure it's correct.  

If you noticed that a mistake was made - don't worry.  Simply send us an email (, and we will handle that with you in due course.  Should shipping fee is actually required, we will send you an additional invoice for settlement accordingly.  Once shipping is paid we will then prepare and dispatch the order according to our shipping policy.

I have changed my mind and I don't want my Private Warehouse order anymore, can I cancel/switch to something else?

Sorry, all Private Warehouse orders are considered to be final sales and cannot be cancelled/exchange/refund.

What if I forgot my Private Warehouse items and it has passed the 60 days threshold?

When the Private Warehouse deadline is reached, we will send a reminder to your registered email.  You will have another week to get back to us:

  • You can add a few more final immediate orders before we ship everything to you, or you can instruct us to ship the existing items immediately.
  • If no additional shipping fee is required we will ship all the available orders to the stated shipping address according to our shipping policy. 
  • If additional shipping fee is required we will invoice you the necessary shipping.  Once it's paid we will then prepare and dispatched the order according to our shipping policy.

If we receive no response from you after a week of our reminder email while further shipping fee is needed, we will consider the order to be forfeited, orders will then be cancelled, items will be restocked, and a restock fee will be charged (see Shipping and Ordering Policy for details).  If no shipping fee is further required, we will dispatch the items automatically.

Account Related

I'd like to reset my password, can I do that myself?

No.  If you'd like to reset your password, please send a request to from your registered email address.  We will then send you a password reset email and you will need to perform the rest from that email.  Please note we may occasionally verify the authenticity of the request before a password reset email is sent.


How do I know if the item is restocked?

We always post our restock items as timely as possible on our Facebook and Instagram account.  So that would be one of the best source.  If you have liked our Facebook Page, remember to also set our posts as favorite so that it may come up to your news feed more often.

If you already have an account on our website - an even quicker way to know would be using the wishlist function.  This is how it works:

  • In your account setting, remember to choose accept newsletter and promotion (this step is required).
  • After that, start placing the items you like onto your wishlist by checking the "heart" button.
  • In the future when the items in your wishlist are restocked, you will receive restock emails automatically.
  • Restock email WILL NOT be sent for items placed in your wishlist before you choose accepting newsletter and promotion.


My pre-order has passed the ETA and there's still no update.  Did you missed my order?

Rest assured we are keeping track of all our customer's pre-orders closely.  When your pre-order arrives, we will send you a pre-order arrival email right away.  The reason you do not receive update would be due to:

  • Items have not arrived yet.  The ETA of the items were just a guesstimate based on the information available from supplier.  The actual arrival date will be subject to production run-time as well as supplier's shipment schedule.
  • Items have arrived but quantity is not sufficient to fulfill your order from the 1st batch.  Should this be the case your order will be fulfilled from the next available batch.  Once your order can be fulfilled you will be notified accordingly.

I don't want to pay in advance for pre-order, can I choose to pay when the PO arrives?

Due to the nature of pre-order, we will need the PO to be paid fully within 48 hours.  With your commitment, we will in-return:

  • Work hard and make sure you will have the item when the 1st/2nd batch arrives (bottom line is your order is secured and you will definitely have your item as long as manufacturer did not halt production).
  • That the price you paid upfront will be the final price you paid.  We will not charge you any extra (unless specified in the product description of the pre-order item).

If you do not settle your Pre-order within 48 hours, your PO will be automatically cancelled.