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Argama Rewards and Referral

Introducing Argama Rewards Plan!

How To Participate

To get it started, simply create an account with us and fill in the required information!

How It Works

When you made a purchase with us, or completed some required actions, points will be added to your account.  You can use the points accumulated towards your purchase as $ discount or % discount!

When you spend to a certain point with us, you will automatically get a cash discount too!

How Points Are Earned

Action Points/Rewards Conditions
Create an account 100
Complete profile 50
Leave review on our site 2
Leave review with photos! 5
Place order 1 point for $1 spent
Birthday 200


How Points Can Be Used

400 $5 off
600 $10 off
700 free shipping
1000 5% off
1800 $35 off
2000 8% discount
3000 10% discount


VIP (Argama Squadron!)

When you accumulated enough spending with us, you will be kicked into...*ahem*...enrolled to our VIP program automatically!

Argama Sergeant - for accumulated $1,500 spending.

Argama Lieutenant - for accumulated $2,500 spending.

At Sergeant level your points earned will be multiplied (1.3 points for $1 spent), plus a one-off 5% discount.

At Lieutenant level your points earned will be multiplied (1.5 points for $1 spent), plus a life-time 3% discount on all purchases!

Referral Program

We are also asking your help to get more friends to visit us!  When you successfully referred a friend who made a purchase with us, you will receive a $5 reward.  The friend you referred will be getting a referral link of 5% discount for their purchase (limited to available items with item price below $200)!

Buy, act, share, and multiply your happiness!!