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Gaianotes Gaia Color - Primary Color Series

The Details

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Ordinary model paints do not add red and yellow to create a beautiful orange like water-based paints. This is because pigments of various colors, such as white and black, are added to enhance the hiding power of red and yellow.

There may be a different color settling into the bottom of the bottle. This is due to precipitation of heavy pigments. In this way, even if the color looks beautiful at first glance, there are various pigments in it, and as they work and add color, it becomes more and more muddy. Isn't there anyone?

Therefore, Gaianotes announced and started selling the "Pure Color Series", which is the source of all paints, on a trial basis three years ago, only at events and online. Pigments, as the name suggests, are the pure primary colors of paint. Therefore, you can create a beautiful color without being muddy. They are the primary colors that make up the Gaia colors.

It is no exaggeration to say that most Gaia colors can be created using the 5 colors, white and black that will be released this time. After 3 years of test sales, the response from users was greater than expected, and we received many comments such as "There are colors that can only be made with this pure color" and "I finally made the color I've always wanted." We have started selling. By understanding the characteristics of paint for models, you will be able to rediscover the joy of creating colors that you have never seen before, the colors you want, and at the same time. This is a proposal and a challenge from Gaianotes. Please create your own world of infinitely expanding colors.

Explanation of Primary Colors

What is Primary Color?

In terms of color, "pure color" refers to the most vivid color among the hues. considered to be the colors of the rainbow).

Gaia color's pure color series is not exactly the same color as "pure color in color terms", but it is a paint of "the most vivid color among Gaia colors" that is the "element" for toning Gaia color. Although this paint is a pigment type, it is transparent like a clear color when used as it is due to its nature. Add white or mix with other paints to increase hiding power. The solid color of Gaia color is toned based on this pure color.

Mixing Paint

If you mix paint colors without exception, the more you mix them, the less vivid they become. Depending on the physical properties and combination of paints, the degree of reduction in vividness will change, but there is no change in the reduction. In other words, colors that are not mixed are more vivid, but commercial solid colors are adjusted by mixing colors in advance, albeit with slight differences. Most of the bright colors are mixed with white to increase the hiding power. In this way, if you mix the originally mixed paints to create your desired color, the vividness of the color will be lost rapidly. It should be noted that it is incorrect to say that ``mixing white will make it brighter'' and ``painting white as a base will make it brighter''. If you paint a model with a white undercoat, the color develops better because the white undercoat is transparent.

Difference in Mixing

When Mixing with Primary Colors

Due to the nature of the paint, Gaia Color's pure magenta and cyan do not look vivid as they are, but when mixed, they become vivid purple. In addition, since it is transparent as it is, the image below will be in a state where white is mixed a little.

Mixing Toned Colors

When you mix red and blue, which are solid colors, the original color looks vivid, but the mixed color does not turn into a vivid purple, and it becomes a color like a gray with low saturation.

Primary Color Series Painting Example

In the case of paint, even if you mix cyan (C), magenta (M), and yellow (Y), which are said to be the "three primary colors," you cannot create a more vivid color than the original paint. This pure color series is the "most vivid color" among Gaianotes paints, so you can create more vivid colors by using this color and reducing the number of colors that are mixed as much as possible.

The following is a paint sample of 5 colors of the Gaia color pure color series applied to a transparent paint cap.