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Order fulfillment will be delayed due to large amount of restock to be unboxed. Please bear with us!
Order fulfillment will be delayed due to large amount of restock to be unboxed. Please bear with us!

1/35 JGSDF Type 06-III Tank Roku

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Original price $64.99 CAD
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In the year 2090 AD, with the rapid development of AI technology, the distance between humans and machines has narrowed considerably; not long after that, humans started using future prediction technology as a matter of course. The Japan Ground Self-Defense Force introduced the new Type 07-III Jiritsu Tank" at that time, the first in the world ti implement Advanced Future Prediction AI. Its personality and communication skills, which were almost the same as the others, were avoided by other members of the squad, but only First Lieutenant Natsuki Kikuri named his tank "Nacchin" and treated it as a member of the squad. One day, Natsuki and Chin, who were on a mission, suddenly encountered the phenomenon of "rewriting the world." The world they knew had been tampered with in pieces, and as a result, the current world had changed. The consciousness of the two can be different selfs due to overlapping multiverses.

The Type 06-III Jiritsu Tank, commonly known as Roku, is currently the most widely deployed and operated Jiritsu tank. It has been in operation for the longest time among the successive Jiritsu tanks, and is still deployed nationwide. The Type 06 Roku has composite heat-resistant armor, lighter than the conventional armor, further improving the performance of its hydrogen battery. Equipped with a three-clawed manipulator, it is possible for it to perform more detailed work than ever before, making it a clear departure from the normal Roku. By using the multi-joints of its body and changing to various equipment, it is possible for it to respond to various situations. 

This model kit from Kotobukiya was created using CAD data from the original designer Moi, and is based on the original illustration! It features 60 movable parts, and will be fully posable on completion. It includes the Weapon Unit 04 Machine Gun/Missile launcher, molded in a special color for the Nacchin series! It can be equipped to the lower arms of the Roku using the arm adapter parts. In addition, it has 3mm-diameter ports in 12 locations throughout its body, so you can customize it using parts from the M.S.G series and other similar items. Similar to the Nacchin, the hatch on the head is equipped with an opening and closing gimmick, thanks to a design that anticipates future developments. (Please note that the cockpit seat and pilot are not included with this kit.) In addition to the movable type, the heel outrigger also comes with a fixed deployed type. Deploy the buttock outrigger to give it a tripod stance for more stable standing! The contact display on its front line of sight is prepainted; the kit is also molded in color, so you can get a great result just by assembling it, without the need for paint. Four blank contact displays are also included, and various expressions can be achieved by using the included waterslide decals. Two each of the general-purpose grip parts with 3mm joints are included for further customization with M.S.G items; a 3mm joint hole at the bottom of the main unit allows it to be attached to either the included stand, or the New Flying Base (sold separately). Order yours today!

  • [Size]: Approximately 10.5cm tall when completed
  • [Materials]: PS, ABS

[Set Contents]:

  • Roku body (with two types of legs to choose from)
  • Weapon Unit 04 Machine Gun/Missile Launcher
  • Contact display (front line of sight) (x1 prepainted, x4 blank)
  • Weapon grip adapter parts (x2)
  • General-purpose grip parts (x2)
  • 3mm diameter joint parts (axis) (x4)
  • Stand for Nacchin series
  • Waterslide decals