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GodHand Brush Set for Character Figure Model (GH-EBRSPX-1)

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Contains the essential shape and size of brushes you need for painting character figure models.

Can paint figure’s face, tiny accessories, and mechanical parts as you want to with brushes specialized for model painting.
  • GH-EBRSP-SI - GodHand Brushwork PRO Liner x1
  • GH-EBRSP-MM - GodHand Brushwork PRO Point Brush M x1
  • GH-EBRSP-GML - GodHand Brushwork PRO Fine Point L x1
  • GH-EBRSUP-HMM - GodHand Brushwork Softest Filbert M x1
  • GH-BRS-GL - Brush Maintenance Starch x1
  • GodHand Kamiyasu sanding stick x2 (random grade and thickness)
  • Mini Adjusting Palette Sheet x1
  • Dropper x1
  • Sticker x1