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GodHand Brush Set for Scale Model (GH-EBRSPX-2)

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Contains special tip shape brushes perfect for scale models, and also versatile shape tip brushes suite to all your purpose.
With your idea, you can use them not only with scale model but also in many ways.

  • GH-EBRSP-TTM - GodHand Brushwork PRO Chipping M x1
  • GH-EBRSP-DR - GodHand Brushwork PRO Dry-brushing x1
  • GH-EBRSP-GML - GodHand Brushwork PRO Fine Point Brush x1 
  • GH-EBRSUP-NM - GodHand Brushwork Softest Angular M x1
  • GH-BRS-GL - Brush Maintenance Starch x1
  • Sample of Kamiyasu Sanding Stick x2 (ramdom grade and thickness)
  • Sample of Absorbing palette sheet x1
  • Dropper x1
  • GodHand sticker x1