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Gunprimer RASER THE BLACK Premium Sanding Handle (R-MB-A1)

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About the Product

The RASER series is GUNPRIMER's premium flagship sanding tools.

RASER THE BLACK is a premium sanding handle designed with productivity and aesthetics in mind for high precision sanding for experts.

Using RASER THE BLACK with the enclosed SAND-LOOP and BALANCER, users can experience GUNPRIMER's unique 3-step sanding. For additional information about 3-step sanding, please see the "What is 3-Step Sanding?"

Made of premium grade Aluminum 6061, the same material used in bike frames, wheels and engines, RASER THE BLACK is engineered for both productivity and aesthetics in mind. It's appropriate handling weight and balance allows sanding with great precision.

The stick design of RASER THE BLACK allows various grip methods for different types of users with different styles of sanding.

RASER THE BLACK’s weight gives enough pressure for sanding, there is no need to apply excessive pressure. Just relax and rub against the surface sideways. Use the handle’s weight to achieve balanced sanding. Please check the video for useful sanding snap for experts.Please check the video for useful sanding snap for experts.

Magic-hook system secures the SAND-LOOP in place and allows easier attachment and detachment when replacing it. Unlike any other conventional products, it detaches easily and does not leave any adhesives. 

Attach the most appropriate grit for your surface level.


  • Material: Aluminum 60161, leather strap
  • Size : 16*140*5mm


  1. RASER THE BLACK (Premium sanding handle)
  2. SAND-LOOP 400,600 grit (Sandpaper)
  3. BALANCER gray (Scratch remover)
  4. BALANCER white (Gloss polisher)
  5. Storage case

What is 3-Step Sanding?

3-Step sanding is a process developed by GUNPRIMER, using it's three distinct products to shorten the conventional sanding process. Follow the steps below to achieve faster and more productive sanding results.

Step 1: Sanding: Attach 600 grit SAND-LOOP for sanding.

Step 2: Removing scratch: Use the BALANCER GRAY to smooth out the rough surface from sanding and remove scratches at the same time. Result is similar to surfaces found after using 2000 grit sandpaper.

Step 3: Gloss polish: Use the BALANCER WHITE to polish the surface with gloss finish.