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Gunprimer SAND-LOOP FLAT 4 SET Sanding Set (SL-4S)

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About the Product

The SAND-LOOP is GUNPRIMER's high performance sandpaper line-up made based on the ultra-precision sandpaper used on the semiconductor manufacturing process which has superior durability and grinding capability compared to conventional sandpapers. It provides ultimate sanding experience.


    1. SAND-LOOP FLAT (220,320,400,600 grit, one sheet each)
    2. MINI HANDLE x 1


    • SAND-LOOP is an ultra-precision sandpaper, compatible with RASER THE BLACK and MINI HANDLE. Adhesive on the back makes it  easy to attach and detach to the dedicated handle.

    • Alternatively, it can be cut into any desired size for stand-alone use without using a dedicated handle.

    • It's superior durability provides high quality and long lasting sanding experiences and it can be used for both dry and wet sanding.

    •  Strong and sharp SAND-LOOP enables faster and more precise sanding.


    • Material: Silicon Carbide (made in Germany)
    • Grits: #220/ #320/ #400/ #600/
    • *For RASER THE BLACK: Capacity of up to 26 times replacement
    • *For MINI HANDLE: Capacity of up to 20 times replacement


    • MINI HANDLE has appropriate handling weight and balance to allow precise sanding.

    • Premium finish tempered glass is durable and provides an excellent grip.

    • Each side of MINI HANDLE is composed with a Magic-hook system to secure the SAND-LOOP in place and allows easier attachment and detachment when replacing it. Unlike any other conventional products, it detaches easily and does not leave any adhesives.

    • MINI HANDLE's dual-side design allows easy switching between two sides by attaching two different grits of SAND-LOOP on the Magic-hook on each side.

    • One side edge is marked with indicator labels* to easily distinguish different grits for user's convenience. (*applicable for products since Sept. 2020)

    Spec (MINI HANDLE)

    • Size: 20*65*5mm
    • Material: Tempered glass 


    1. Place the MINI HANDLE on top of a SAND-LOOP (rough side up) of desired grit. 
    2. Use the MINI HANDLE as a guide and safely cut the SAND-LOOP along the edge.
    3. Peel off the back of the SAND-LOOP and attach it on the Magic-hooks of MINI HANDLE and start sanding. (1).gif

    Recommended Use

    1. Dual-side design allows quick and easy sanding with different grits. Select the two most used grits on each side. 

    2. MINI-HANDLE's weight gives enough pressure for sanding, there is no need to apply excessive pressure. Just relax and rub against the surface sideways. Use the handle’s weight to achieve balanced sanding.