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Gunprimer SAND-LOOP FLAT Adhesive Sandpaper (220-600 Grit)

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Original price $5.49 CAD - Original price $5.49 CAD
Original price $5.49 CAD
$5.49 CAD
$5.49 CAD - $5.49 CAD
Current price $5.49 CAD
Grit Number: 220 Grit (2 Sheets per Pack) (SL-M220-H)


  • SAND-LOOP is an ultra-precision sandpaper, compatible with RASER THE BLACK and MINI HANDLE. Adhesive on the back makes it  easy to attach and detach to the dedicated handle.

  • Alternatively, it can be cut into any desired size for stand-alone use without using a dedicated handle.

  • It's superior durability provides high quality and long lasting sanding experiences and it can be used for both dry and wet sanding.

  •  Strong and sharp SAND-LOOP enables faster and more precise sanding.


  • Size: 61*210mm
  • Material: Silicon Carbide (made in Germany)
  • Grits: #220/ #320/ #400/ #600/
  • *For RASER THE BLACK: Capacity of up to 26 times replacement
  • *For MINI HANDLE: Capacity of up to 20 times replacement

Use Example : Stand-alone Use

  • Cut into any desired size and shape based on the user's grip comfort level or the shape of each part. Level of thickness and the soft top surface provides better grip and handling.

  • Can be used on both curved and flat surfaces.

  • Stand-alone use makes it easy to feel the shape of the parts at the fingertip, thus it enables more detail oriented sanding.