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IMPORTANT NOTICE: 2023.01.25 Store closed due to inclement weather.
MPORTANT NOTICE: 2023.01.25 Store closed due to inclement weather.

HIQ Parts Kumano Airbrush Cleaning Brush [KM-WS]

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Original price $6.99 CAD - Original price $6.99 CAD
Original price $6.99 CAD
$6.99 CAD
$6.99 CAD - $6.99 CAD
Current price $6.99 CAD

From HiQParts comes this airbrush cleaning brush made right here in Japan by world renown brush maker Kumanofude.  Brush handle measures about 140mm long with the bristles measuring roughly 15mm long.  This brush features polyester bristles and an unpainted wooden handle to help prevent any contaminates from falling into the airbrush while cleaning.

*Argama Specialist Note:

"This brush I consider a must-have for any airbrush painter. The reason this brush is different than a throwaway brush is that unlike the cheap throwaway cleaning brush, this one stays soft and supple no matter what paint solvent you use it on. A cheap throwaway brush might fray, dissolve, harden, or fall out from the ferrule. This is devastating for the airbrush because brush hairs are getting into the nozzle. The Kumano brush does not suffer from this and the ferrule adhesive does not dissolve even in Hardware store lacquer thinner. The handle being unpainted wood also prevents the cleaning agent from damaging the handle or stripping off the paint of the handle.