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Premium Bandai Master Grade (MG) 1/100 Gundam F90

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by Bandai
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Original price $109.99 CAD - Original price $109.99 CAD
Original price $109.99 CAD
$109.99 CAD
$109.99 CAD - $109.99 CAD
Current price $109.99 CAD

S.N.R.I. - lead "Formula Project"-created prototype MS Gundam F90 is released in Master Grade!

Hobby Online Shop’s first completely new model-via Master Grade !

26types of mission pack-equipment capable full body hard point is releases.


● Total new moldings-modeled "MS Gundam F90"

  Parts-division by color molding-made detailed coloring and highly detailed detail modeling,

  F90’s distinct heroic style is MG-latest format faithfully reproduced.

● Variety of gimmick equipped in various parts

  MG-latest format’s mobile gimmick can be found all over its body. A wide variety of posing are possible.

  Upper body

  Frame-at two movement joints adopted. Upper body’s flexible forward-backward movements are possible.

  Waist part

  Frame’s three movement joints-via, reduces friction and wide range allow.

  Cockpit hatch

  Hatch’s opening gimmick-via. cockpit hatch open mode reproduced allow.

● Full-body hard point is reproduced

  26types of mission pack-equipment capable full body hard point is reproduced.

  Sholder, arm, waist and full body hard point as the base sold separately each mission pack can be equipped.

● Mission pack equipment

  Sold separately each mission pack can be combined to, each type reproduced capable.

  Long-range support mode S type, and the long-time mysterious E type etc.

  Sold separately mission pack combine reproduced capable。 

● Wide range of motion reproduced.

  Mission pack-base F90 main body, is melee-combat MS dynamic posing capable. 

● Special weapon are also modeled

  F90’s designated beam rifle, shield and also beam saber are included.

  Beam Rifle

  Energy pack can be removed. The removed energy pack can be Shield-inside stored. 

● Water slide decals are included

  Original marking-included Water slide decals are included.

● Full color package

  Deluxe Full color package is delivered.

Weapons: Beam Rifle / Shield / Beam Saber