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Model Graphix Gundam Archives - Gryps Conflict Edition

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Gundam Archive is a book that compiles previously-published articles in the Model Graphix magazine and is a great collection for those who have not read the magazine articles, or wanted to keep a nice and concise copy of these great articles.  This book is richly filled with photos of kits done by professionals, and contains no commercial at all!

This latest volume focuses on previously published articles on Z Gundam series kits in Model Graphix Magazine, including examples of PG Z Gundam and Gundam Mk II, MG Rick Dias, MG Hyaku Shiki, The-O, Quebeley, Gathbeley, Hambrabi, Messala, Argama, La Vie En Rose, Psycho Gundam, Nemo, Bolinoak Sammahn, and Palace Athene.

200 pages of great visual for Gundam and Gunpla fans!

- A4 size soft cover
- 200 pages
- Full color
- All text in Japanese