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Mr.Color Super Metallic SM205 - Super Titanium 2

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Original price $5.29 CAD
$5.29 CAD
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Mr. Super Metallic 2 series is a metallic paint that can express an excellent metallic feeling by using high-grade fine metal particles.

Raw materials are even more powerful than the old series "Super Metallic"!
Now you can get a more beautiful metallic feeling than before.

Since the base material is the same as that of Mr. Color, please use Mr.Thinner , Mr.Rapid Thinner, and Mr.Leveling Thinner for dilution and cleaning.

For airbrush painting, dilute the paint at a ratio of paint to thinner at 1: 0 or 1-2. Since the raw material composition differs depending on the color, you can use the metallic color with low viscosity as it is.

Fine metal particles quickly accumulate on the bottom, so after diluting, you can finish evenly by stirring appropriately even during airbrush painting.

* SM201-205, 207, 209 can be coated with Mr. Super Clear and water-based TopCoat. (In the case of can spray)

SM206 and SM208 can only be used with water-based TopCoat (may be slightly cloudy). Otherwise, the surface will be dull at once. When using bottle paint, it can be coated with gloss Mr.Hobby Aqueous or Mr.Hobby Acrysion.