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N.Maker 2021-2022 Calendar

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It’s never too late when it comes to great product.  

Contain in a black paper envelope are 12 individual high-quality printed cards with calendar for each month, with great awesome works from the builder on both sides, and a nice postcard.  The whole package comes with a separate wooden stand to hold the favorite work you like.

It’s a great looking calendar (2021.2-2022.2), it’s a pictorial memoir, and a visual inspiration for being a better modeler. At other times, it makes a great, stylish, eye-pleasing decoration at home, in your office (wherever it may be), or on your gunpla work bench - way beyond 2022.

There are many reasons for us to carry the product and support the artist.  Regardless of what it is we are really grateful to be able to add this to our collection.

2021-2022 Calendar featuring carefully selected works by GBWC Winner (Hong Kong), Modeler/Artist N.Maker (IG @n.maker_studio FB @N.Maker).