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PGU RX-78-2 Gundam (Perfect Grade Unleashed 1/60)

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by Bandai
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"Ultimate GUNPLA" kits have been developed with the highest technology of each era.  Perfect Grade continues to evolve, now taking the form of "UNLEASHED".

Perfect Grade Unleashed is a purely revolutionary item that is free from conventional formats, definitions, and restrictions associated with the RX-78-w Gundam and GUNPLA.  The accumulation of development and evolution during 40 years of GUNPLA history now pushes GUNPLA to new heights.

A step-by-step assembly process has been adopted for the Perfect Grade Unleashed.  Each of the assembly phases to create the internal frame, mechanical parts, truss frame, exterior armor, and effects have incorporated a condensed form of the latest GUNPLA technology, offering a design that enables builders to experience the evolution of GUNPLA.  The connections between the evolutions seen in each phase come together as the GUNPLA EVOLUTION LINK SYSTEM that leads to the completion of a Mobile Suit.

Phase 01 Evolution of a Simple Assembly

The largest insert-molded frame in GUNPLA history has been adopted for this item.  It is inserted into a total of six sections to enable the speediest assembly of the frame throughout the entire body in PG history.  Countless interlocking mechanisms are also created using this frame as a core.  This results in the item having both a simple assembly and astounding interlocking gimmicks.

Phase 02 Evolution of Articulation

There are more than 90 points of articulation throughout the body, resulting in the most number of articulation points in a GUNPLA.  The torso adopts a Core Fighter mechanism and incorporates a new structure created through a combination of 40 points of articulation.  Sliding mechanisms have been adopted in each of the leg joints to enable natural poses.

Phase 03 Evolution of Multi-layer Structures

A multi-layer structure created through a meticulous analysis of the settings.  The outstanding details are achieved through an intricately calculated internal structure.  The internal frame has exquisite details and the truss frame consists of 59 parts.  It also adopts metallic parts colors and plating to intensify the dense design.

Phase 04 Evolution of Exteriors

Various materials have been used.  This includes three types of secondary processed parts applied with silver plating, matte gold plating, chrome plating, and four other types of parts that adopt different materials such as metal parts and the newly developed etching stickers.  They help to create an awe-inspiring appearance that exceeds the concept of plastic model kits.  The etching stickers can be applied to 15 places throughout the body to allow for the item to be assembled with a high degree of completion by any person.

Phase 05 Evolution of Expressions

A new LED Unit has been adopted to recreate activation scenes.  The small new Dual RGB LED Light can change colors and an internal design that maximizes light-guiding efficiency enables both articulation and light-up effects.  The item also incorporates a total of 53 hatch opening gimmicks throughout its body to recreate realistic maintenance scenes.

The new Perfect Grade Unleashed RX-78-2 Gundam is truly a revolutionary product presented by Bandai.  You really have to get one to experience the technological advancement Bandai has made over this 40 years!

Note: this is a pre-order new item and due to high demand the we do not guarantee we will receive full quantity of pre-orders on the first lot.  Should that situation occurs we will fulfill the order on the first-come-first-serve basis and move the remaining orders to the next available shipment.  Thank you for your understanding!