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Plannosaurus Non-Scale Giganotosaurus

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by Bandai
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Original price $20.99 CAD
$20.99 CAD
$20.99 CAD - $20.99 CAD
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Bandai adds the Gigantosaurus to their "Plannosaurus" dinosaur plastic model brand! This lineup encourages you to learn about dinosaurs by assembling them yourself from the skeleton out! Begin with the "skeletal build," assembling the dinosaur's skeleton piece by piece; the "dinosaur build" then allows you to attack the outer skin parts to the skeleton. Nippers and glue are not required, making them easy to assemble, too!

Gigantosaurus is the largest carnivorous dinosaur, with this model based on the latest theory. The hard protrusions above the eyes, which are covered in keratin and look like short horns, are realistically expressed. The shape of the neural spines on the back, which were more highly developed than those of the similarly-built Tyrannosaurus Rex, are carefully reproduced; the thin, sharp teeth that are thought to have been used to cut the prey's meat cleanly from the bones are also sculpted with great care. Based on fossils of closely related species, it is estimated that the forelimbs had powerful muscles and three sharp claws. The mouth can be opened and closed after assembly, and the forelimbs, hind limbs, neck and tail can also be moved so you can display Gigantosaurus in your favorite pose. Order yours today!


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