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Premium Bandai High Grade (HG) Aura Battler Dunbine 1/72 Aura Battler Sirbine

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by Bandai
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Original price $104.99 CAD
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From "Aura Battler Dunbine"

Aura Battler Sirbine, which is touted as the white treasure of Balun Balun, is reproduced in the HG series with completely new modeling.

Reproduces the modeling and gimmick in the latest format, and comes with a new shield drawn by Mr. Yutaka Izubuchi.

● Completely new modeling, thorough reproduction in the latest format

The characteristic form of the Sirbine, which has both mechanical and biological aspects, warped modeling and sophisticated sharp modeling that is conscious of the biological feeling are reproduced with the latest modeling technology.

The emblem on the head, the neck collar, shoulders, waist, scabbard, etc. are completely reproduced by precise and delicate parts division.

The pupil of the head can reproduce the design of the mechanical aspect and the biological aspect by selecting parts.

● The characteristic body color is divided into parts and reproduced with the molding color.

Adopting various molding colors such as white, purple, red, gold, silver, and gray, the server-in body color is reproduced in detail.

Adopted clear parts using polarized pearl material for the wings.

● Movable performance of HG latest format

Equipped with the latest movable gimmick on the whole body. Elegant and flexible poses are possible.


A double joint is used for the elbow joint, and a roll rotation axis is mounted on the upper arm and forearm. Achieves flexible movement.


Double joints are also used for the knee joints. In addition, the toe part can be moved independently by a ball joint.

Aura converter

Equipped with roll axes up, down, left and right. Feathers can be deployed.

● Aura Sword

The blade and handle are color-coded by dividing the parts.

The pattern part of the sheath is also finely reproduced by dividing the parts. The sheath can be suspended from the aura converter.

-Designed by Yutaka Izubuchi His server-in shield, three-dimensional!

The Sirbine shield drawn by mechanical designer Yutaka Izubuchi is created with new modeling, with proper parts division for .

The relief on the surface is color-coded by dividing the parts.

It was published in "B-CLUB SPECIAL AURA BATTLERS",

The shield drawn in the server-in illustration is newly drawn for HG Sirbine.

● Delivered in a full-color package

Attached armament: Aura Sword / Shield