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Premium Bandai High Grade (HG) Aura Battler Dunbine 1/72 VIRUNVEE

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by Bandai
Original price $94.99 CAD - Original price $94.99 CAD
Original price $94.99 CAD
$94.99 CAD
$94.99 CAD - $94.99 CAD
Current price $94.99 CAD

Virunvee is now available in the HG series!

With a completely new model, we focused on expressing the design unique to Aura Butler, such as joints and wings.

Thoroughly reproduces the charm of Biranbee with its rich armament and versatile movement.

●Completely new modeling

Bilambee revived with modern technology

Following the setting image and the image in the work, the latest interpretation of Bilambee is now available!

Commercialized in a size that does not look out of place alongside Danbine!

The head, which is reminiscent of the dorsal fin of a fish, is reproduced in molded color.

A carefully crafted model that recreates the image from the play.


● Possible to balance design and movability

The knee part can be moved on multiple axes, allowing for expression in various poses.


●Equipped with a wealth of weapons, Biranbee comes out!

 5-barreled aura launcher

Two hands are included to reproduce holding two hands.

Aura Launcher can be equipped in both hands, left and right.

4 consecutive aura shots

The 4 consecutive aura shots can be equipped on either the left or right side.

Shot claw with wire

The injection state can be reproduced by replacing parts.

Aura Sword

Axis movement has been added to the grip.

It is possible to hold the Aura Sword in both hands.

● Delivered in full color packaging

Attached weapons: Aura sword / 4-shot aura shot / 5-shot aura launcher x 2 / Shot claw with wire x 2