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Premium Bandai High Grade (HG) Galactic Drifter Vifam 1/144 FAM-RV-S1 VIFAM with Sling Pannier

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by Bandai
Original price $119.99 CAD - Original price $119.99 CAD
Original price $119.99 CAD
$119.99 CAD
$119.99 CAD - $119.99 CAD
Current price $119.99 CAD
From "Galactic Drifter Vifam", the Vifam Sling Pannier equipped type is commercialized in the HG series with completely new modeling. The Vifam's body shape and coloring are three-dimensionalized in the latest format.

The sling pannier that can be equipped on the back is equipped with a movable gimmick, and posing that reminds you of the image in the play is possible.
Characteristic armaments are included.

● Completely new modeling of Vifam, three-dimensionalized in the latest format!

The human-like body shape of Vifam, from the external armor to the structure of the abdomen, thoroughly pursues the image in the play. Equipped with movable ranges and gimmicks in various parts to enable the production of scenes in the play.

Characteristic head coloring is reproduced with seal-less part separation only! The visor part is reproduced with clear parts.

The opening and closing of the abdominal hatch are reproduced! Furthermore, the pod can be detached from the back! The numbering of the abdominal hatch adopts a plastic seal!

By adopting a ball joint in the forearm part, it is possible to take a play pose more easily! Each part coloring is reproduced with molding color! By dividing parts, such as yellow leg pipes and the back of the knees, it is possible to create a Vifam that is just like in the play just by assembling!

● Equipped with "Sling Pannier"!
The Vifam's flight attachment "Sling Pannier" is three-dimensionalized. The delicate coloring is reproduced with seal-less part separation only! The main engine joint part and the main wing are movable.

● Accompanied by weapons that color the play
The Vifam's main weapon "Beam Gun" is included, and a shield made from the armor of the Janus ship used in the middle and later plays is included.

Four types of hand parts are included: right hand for beam gun holding, left hand for shield holding, and left and right gripping hands.

Attached weapons: Sling Pannier / Beam Gun / Shield