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[Pre-order, ETA 2021.10/2021.11] Premium Bandai High Grade (HG) HGUC 1/144 MS-14J/BR Gelgoog Vertex

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From the MSV-R: The Return of Johnny Ridden manga series, arrives a fantastic variant of Gelgoog. The MS-14J/BR Gelgoog Vertex, comes in newly molded parts for the gelgoog's new variation in High Grade Universal Century gunpla series. Developed from the ReGelgu, this mobile suit now has its shoulder binders installed as its active binder for backpack booster unit.
The kit also comes with newly molded back-skirt that comes with 5 verniers. Its head unit, also is molded with two significant slits on its forehead part.

This kit is also completed with its unique weapons and equipment, which includes a beam rifle (from ReGelgu), a rocket launcher, mega gatling gun, beam naginata with clear blue beam effect parts, and a shield.