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Premium Bandai High Grade (HG) HGAC 1/144 OZ-06MS Leo (Flight Unit)

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From "NEW MOBILE REPORT GUNDAM WING", the Aviation Unit model of the mass-produced
MS Leo of OZ and the United Earth Sphere Alliance is released in HG series !
● Aviation Units’ variety of options reproduced by new moldings
  Aviation Units that allow high-speed atmospheric flight, along with Leg Boosters and Shoulder Cannon, are reproduced by new moldings !
  ・Aviation Units
  Aviation Units equipped on its back are reproduced by new moldings. The two wings are variable, allowing for recreation of scenes from the story.
  ・Leg Boosters
  The Leg Boosters that can be set to the connector on the thighs are reproduced by new parts. They can be moved in 90 degrees.
  ・Shoulder Cannon
  Shoulder Cannon is reproduced by new moldings. They can be set by replacing it with the regular shoulder parts.
  The cannon tower rotates at the base of the connection.
● Newly molded characteristic weapons included !
  Leo’s various weapons as seen in the story, made by new moldings, are included !
  Also includes Leo’s standard Drum Gun and Shield.
  ・Dober Gun
  The Dober Gun is modeled by new moldings. It can be set on left and right shoulders by replacing it with the shoulder armor parts.
  It can be held with both hands via its variable grip.
  Bazooka modeled by new moldings. It can be held with both hands as seen in the story.
● Its impressionable suit colors as seen in the story is reproduced by color molding !
  The blue United Earth Sphere Alliance color and the Southeast Asia model’s suit color are reproduced by color molding.
  The impressionable coloring characteristic of mass-produced suits as seen in the story is reproduced by parts division.
Weapons : Dober Gun / Bazooka / Drum Gun (105mm Rifle) / Beam Saber / Shield”