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Real Grade (RG) Neon Genesis Evangelion - Weapon Set for Evangelion

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by Bandai
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Original price $42.99 CAD
$42.99 CAD
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From the RG Evangelion series, the weapons used by EVA are commercialized in the RG series.

Four types of weapons and parts are included as a set, such as the Spear of Longinus, which occupies an important position throughout the series. By combining the RG Evangelion series, you can reproduce the impressive scenes in the play.


  • Spear of Longinus
  • 440mm Gatling gun
  • Intercontinental ballistic missile with large N2 warhead
  • N2 Depth Charge
  • Hand parts for "RG general-purpose humanoid decisive battle weapon Evangelion first machine"
  • Hand parts for "RG general-purpose humanoid decisive battle weapon Evangelion prototype 00"

Spear of Longinus

  • Reproduce the characteristic spiral shape of the Spear of Longinus by making full use of the technology cultivated so far. Reproduce the impressive red hue with the molding color.

440mm Gatling gun

  • Reproduce the Gatling gun used in "Evangelion New Theatrical Version: Introduction" with new modeling. Equipped with a gun barrel rotation gimmick.

Intercontinental ballistic missile with a large N2 warhead

  • Achieved color coding by fine modeling and parts division. The details of the warhead and the shape of the propulsion part are expressed in detail.

N2 Depth Mine N2 depth charge is attached with new modeling, and a marking sticker is included.

Hand parts Grip hand parts (left and right) that expand the range of poses.

This product is a set of 'weapons' and 'parts' etc. to reproduce numerous scenes in the play in combination with the RG Evangelion series (sold separately).

* This product does not include the RG Evangelion series body and shield (sold separately).