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Shimomura Alec (職人堅気) Precision Tweezers - Bill width 0.3mm - Ultra-fine Type (K284)

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by Platz
Original price $68.99 CAD - Original price $68.99 CAD
Original price $68.99 CAD
$68.99 CAD
$68.99 CAD - $68.99 CAD
Current price $68.99 CAD

●A tip of only 0.3 mm grips the smallest parts without flicking them, ensuring strong holding power! The 2.2 mm thick hard body will keep you free from worries about losing parts.

●The 0.3mm tip does not bend and can hold parts securely.
●Extremely stable holding power even when moving or installing parts.
●You will be freed from worrying about losing the extremely small parts you hold.
●The tip has a high-precision precision finish and is highly durable.
●Knob load is 150g, which is extremely light and does not put strain on your fingers.
●Main body material is made of stainless steel SU304 with excellent non-magnetic properties.
●While maintaining the same 2.2mm thickness, the tip is extremely thin at just 0.3mm, making it ideal for handling closely adjacent parts and extremely small parts.
●Excellent corrosion resistance and acid resistance, and no wear on the tip.