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Wave HG Detail Punch Trapezium 2 (HT-467)

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by Wave
Original price $23.99 CAD - Original price $23.99 CAD
Original price $23.99 CAD
$23.99 CAD
$23.99 CAD - $23.99 CAD
Current price $23.99 CAD

Punch through continuous shapes with one touch! A convenient punch for making detail-up parts!

A model punch that is convenient for making your own detail-up parts.

Continuous shapes can be punched out with a single touch, making mass production of parts easy.

By arranging based on the punched material, you can make various detail-up parts.
[Cutting capacity] Thickness 0.3 mm or less
[Target material] Thin sheets and plates made of plastic (PS only). General paper.
Utility model applied
* This product is a renewal product that limits the target materials (plastics) of HT-437 to PS. The design of the punching blade and the size of each part are the same as the conventional one (HT-437).
* This product is suitable for punching general paper and thin plastic (PS only) sheets. Do not use for non-target materials (ABS, PP, PVC, PE, other flexible plastics, films, etc.) or materials that exceed the cutting capacity of the product.
* When working on thin paper sheets such as Japanese paper, or depending on the type of PS material, it may not be possible to work well even if the thickness is within the cutting capacity.

(please note)
-This product contains a blade. Be careful not to get injured.
・ Do not use for materials that exceed the cutting capacity of the product.
-The size of each part of the punching blade is a reference value, and there are some errors.
-The example of the usage image is for reference only. In addition to the punched material, each work example may require additional processing or self-made parts.