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Cyber Formula 1/24 Nu Asurada AKF-0 Aero Mode / Aeroboost Mode / Spiralboost Mode

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This kit from Aoshima allows you to build the Nu Asurada from "Cyber Formula" in any of three configurations! It can be assembled in Aero Mode, Aero Boost Mode or Spiral Boost mode; new tires are included, and an unpainted scale figure is also included. Order yours today!

From Aoshima:
Cyber Formula is a science-fiction story originally aired in japan in 1991. Its story is about racing in the future and race cars are equipped with computer support systems called Cyber Systems. Hayato Kazami who won the 10th and 11th Grand Prix drove this Asurada AKF-0 in the 15th race. With the body of shape memory alloys, using the technique called lifting turn and spiral boost, Hayato won the Grand Prix again in that year.