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Gaia Fluorescence Color 103 - Fluorescent Red

Gaia Fluorescence Color 103 - Fluorescent Red

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* Volume : 15 ml (0.5 oz)
* Base : Lacquer Paints
* Made : Japan

Fluorescent Colors stand out dramatically when compared to other colors.
The Gaia Fluorescent Color is perfect or accenting parts of mecha, robots, cars and etc. Powerful and strongly colored, you can take your model to the next level.

Gaianotes Lacquer based paints are formulated in Japan specifically with the hobbyist in mind.
This line of paint features highly pigmented rich, vibrant colors which will bring excellent details to your next project.

[Three Tips of the Paint]

1. High Concealing Power … Densely pigmented for maximum coverage
2. Smooth application … No rough finishes
3. Quick dry time … Paint proceeds to dry fast