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Macross 1/4000 SDF-1 Macross Forced Attack Type w / Prometheus & Daedalus

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Based on Hasegawa's movie version kit of the Macross SDF-1, this kit includes the aircraft carrier Prometheus to be attached to its left arm, and the amphibious assault ship Daedalus to be attached to its right arm. It includes the main gun from the TV version of the SDF-1, as well as the ultra-fast rail cannon mounted to its shoulder, two types of elbow joints (movable and 90-degree-angle fixed), the bridge, and some of the fuselage panels. In addition, new parts are included for secondary guns! The main gun will be movable, too. This is the ultimate version of the SDF-1, and it deserves a spot in your collection!

[Includes]: New parts for main gun, ultra-fast shoulder-mounted rail cannon, elbow joints, bridge, fuselage panels, secondary guns
[Mold Color]: Gray, blue-gray